Arrivederci Italia!


August 16, 2012 by erikacsc31

Blessed!The BEST part of the wedding planning process is no doubt planning the honeymoon! We couldn’t wait to get away together after all of those months of planning. At first, we thought basking under the sun on some island sounded pretty tempting (Ah! Still does!), but we couldn’t see ourselves taking that route without including my Chris (my son sillies).  Finally! We thought of the PERFECT place that could incorporate all of what we wanted in our honeymoon and more: ITALY!

Ah Italy. It was so perfect for us: yummy food, delicious wine, beautiful language, loads of history, architecture, adventure, great weather…what could be MORE perfect for us?! I didn’t want us to come back exhausted (which is easy to do when you travel to Europe because it’s so EASY to travel from place to place), so we decided to stick to just three cities: Rome, Tuscany and Venice.

I knew I didn’t want the trip to be too touristy and too planned out. I like SOME kind of spontaneity.  This way, we would have a good 4-5 days in each city, giving us enough time to do all of the touristy stuff, but also allowing us time to just take in the culture. We did so much on the trip that telling you all about it on one blog post will make this blog post so much longer than it already is! I will break the trip up by City in order that we visited, and share our experience with you, but also give you a few travel tips-just in case you may be planning a trip to Italy soon. I am by no means an expert, but would like to share a few things that I would have found useful :0)

It goes without saying, it was tough leaving Italy, which is why I chose not to say a final goodbye to Italy, but instead: Arrivederci Italia! I’ll see you later. I’m sure of it.



P.s. In the meantime, I am sharing three pictures-one of each city. I think each is a good representation of each city. Can you guess which city we are in???

2 thoughts on “Arrivederci Italia!

  1. Stephanee Soriano says:

    MORE MOREEEE!! I love this sissy ❤ I think you found your niche 🙂

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