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October 23, 2012 by erikacsc31

Happy Tuesday everyone! I thought I’d bring a little bit of happy to everyone by sharing some great music with you fine folks. Because if music doesn’t move the soul, I don’t know what does! Like most people, I La-la–la LOVE music! Nothing can motivate me more, inspire me more, or snap me out of a rotten mood more (literally in a split second!) like the universal language of musica! I know you might be thinking, “hmmm that’s a random post,” -but hey I’m still trying to find my blog niche…I DID call it MISHMASH-E 🙂

For all of you R& B fans, looks like this music genre is making a come back. Must listen to album for R & B fans:

Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream

PARENTS BEWARE! There are lots of lust-driven songs that should be for adult-ears only! There aren’t really any pop-driven songs (which is refreshing). The chart-topper Adorn, (watch music video here) is a fun, sexy mid-tempo song with Miguel showcasing his sultry voice-I’m especially loving the falsetto-etto-etto jk :0) Check out: Candles In The Sun, Do You, & Use Me. I hear a lot of Prince & Marvin Gaye influence, and a little bit of El Debarge’s I Like It, right?. The album kind of has an East Cost underground sound that I like. What does that mean? I’m not sure! lol I didn’t study music! But I like the sound and that’s how I describe it. Haha! Great follow up album to his solid first album, All I Want Is You.

Now for some Rock & Roll baby! My favorite! Or, these days more like indie-folk-blues rock–depending on your preference. There are some pretty decent albums out that have been topping the charts for months now.  OK, solid albums. I’ll start with:

Alabama Shakes

I LOVE their sound. Reminds me of that soulful southern classic rock that used to kick-butt in it’s hey-day (and still does!). I don’t know that it’s a GREAT album, for me it’s missing something, but it’s a really GOOD album. Singer, Brittany Howard’s voice alone is reason enough to check out the album Boys & Girls. Very unique voice! Guitar is awesome and there are some pretty soulful classic tunes. Check out the first track: Hold on. Also noteworthy: You Ain’t Alone, Heartbreaker, Boys & Girls, & I Found You.

Of Monsters And Men

If you haven’t heard the single Little Talks, off their My Head Is An Animal album, then surely you’ve been living under a rock, or just don’t listen to the radio much because there’s song is playing ALL the time. I like the male & female vocal dynamic. They’re not all folkie, like say Mumford & Sons, but they have just the right amount of folk-pop combo. My album favorites: Slow & Steady, King & Lionheart, & Love Love Love.

The Lumineers

Love love love Ho Hey. I think everyone else does too because the single (& album) are a hit! This debut album is a solid one, but Ho Hey is definitely the stand out track (Check out there music video here) Other noteworthy songs: Submarines, Slow It Down, Stubborn Love.

A new release this week worth mentioning is the ever-cool Tony Bennett’s, Viva Duets. Yeah, another “Duet album” but with a Latin twist! A good holiday album, or even a good gift for parents! It’s a safe one! Haha! I personally like the previous Duet albums better, but I had to mention because I’m Mexican! I like the last song, Return To Me because he is singing with the one and only Vicente Fernandez! It’s totally a mash between both their styles too! And, it’s kind of cool to hear the two singing together. Who would’ve thought? I know my mama would like this one 🙂

Well, if you’re still reading, bless your heart because this was a LONG one! I promise to keep the next one short and sweet. And not kill you with music overload.

Hope you enjoyed. Let me know what your thoughts are. I know there’s a lot of good stuff out there right now!


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