Vanessa & Jeromy Are Married!


March 5, 2013 by erikacsc31

Recently, I had the absolute PRIVILEGE of witnessing a little family I hold very dear to me make their union official: Vanessa and Jeromy tied the knot! I can’t mention these two without mentioning that this was also a very special day for their cutie pie darling little girl, Kylie Rose.

Together, Vanessa, Jeromy, & Kylie make one of the best looking families I know! Seriously! They’re quite the trio.

Vanessa & Jeromy compliment each other well. I remember when they met years ago. From the beginning, they had a very strong connection and it was easy to see that these two were head over heels for each other. They were that fun couple that you wanted to be around because they were always laughing and having fun together. It was no doubt Jeromy’s charisma and sense of humor that had Vanessa smitten at first sight…well at least that’s the version of my story 🙂

And just how Vanessa caught Jeromy’s eye, you might be wondering? Something tells me he fell for her the minute he laid eyes on her! There’s no doubt her fun, silly charm must have sealed the deal for him too.

Fast forward to present day and Vanessa & Jeremy are just as they were years ago, only committed to one another more than ever, yet incomplete without their most important contribution to their relationship: Kylie Rose.
Kylie is a sweet, adorable little girl. She’s an animal lover, a talented artist, and I’d say a daddy’s girl (like most little girls).

So when Vanessa & Jeremy told us they decided to get married on Valentine’s day, and asked if we can make it to dinner, of course we said YES! There’s no way I was going to miss out on their special day. Not if I could help it.

When Vanessa asked if I had plans with my hubby I kind of laughed to myself. I’m so sure! Can you imagine?
No, I’m sorry Vanessa, but we can’t make it because I don’t want to lose our dinner reservations!”

OF COURSE we’ll be there!

To add to the excitement, there have been lots of big, planned weddings in my family, but not really anything spur of the moment. I was excited to see how everything was going to come together. When you’re limited with time, you really only have time to plan and prepare for what is really important. And with only a few days of planning, I’d say there day was a huge success! From her dress, to her shoes, to her bouquet-everything turned out so lovely.

What made this really special is that they did this for each other. For their family. Just the three of them. Not for guests. Not for show.
Plain and simply, they did if for Love.

Thank you Vanessa & Jeromy for allowing us to take part in your special day. It was definitely a day to remember!  I don’t know if I did them justice, but below are some of the photos of these two that I absolutely LOVE and want to share. I hope they love these as much as I do!

I also just want to add that Vanessa’s hair and makeup was done by the very talented, Patricia Perez. If you’d like to contact her for her services, you can friend request her on her Facebook page (please click here).
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One thought on “Vanessa & Jeromy Are Married!

  1. vanessa says:

    Omg!!!!! Erika you made me cry! Such an incredible writer u are! I absoultey loved your view and side of the story u we’re so dead on! I love the part about “what made it really special and it just being about us”… U seriously melted my heart. You are one talented cookie my dear! I know I probably gave u a hard time on picking the pics (we are our worst critic) but YOU did an amazing job, I can’t thank u enough! You captured a day I would of only had in my memory to think back on and now I have your lovely photos to remember it by, so thank u for doing this for us, means everything to us:).. I love you and appreaciate u so dear and close to my heart<3 .. P.s still owe u a dinner date! Let's plan that soon! Mauh!!! Xoxoxox

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