Spring: A Season of Change


April 2, 2013 by erikacsc31

Hello Folks! Sorry it’s been so long. Life has been pretty crazy this past March. It’s so early in the year and I’ve already fallen short of my goal of a weekly blog post. It’s never too late though! I am definitely getting into the groove with this blog posting business 🙂 LOTS of ideas!! It’s a matter of finding and making the time. I’m committed though so thank you for your patience :0)

Spring is upon us and I must say this is my FAVORITE season! I love everything associated with it. It’s like a feeling of rejuvenation after months of hibernating. It’s just warm enough during the day, yet cool enough nights to sleep with the windows open and enjoy a cool breeze.  I now wake up to the music of chirping birds. SOME of my plants are blooming (unfortunately  due to my neglect, some aren’t :/), but for those that ARE, it brings a smile to my face! I can’t wait to clean and freshen up our yard because frankly, it’s screaming for help. Hmmm, I think my next blog post will be some spring planting tips…or my attempt at having a green thumb…stay tuned!

Back on subject: I am officially in the SPRING CLEANING MOOD! My husband and I BOTH tend to harbor lots of junk, and with the loads of closet space we have in our home, believe me it’s easy to do! Our goal for the next few weeks will be to clear out all closets in our home, as well as the “junk room” aka, garage. Once we do that we’ll have a yard sale and donate whatever we’re left with.

Spring is the season for change and this is definitely a theme in my life right now. It seems like in the course of a month, so much has changed. Why is it that things tend to all happen at once? Maybe it’s so that we don’t have time to sit there and dissect things, but instead just sway with the waves.

All of this change has been bitter sweet. With my mom moving six hours away, and my sister and her husband finally getting married and finding a place of their own, it’s exciting for all, but I will miss the life they brought into our home. For the past few months, we had the pleasure of having my mom with us. Talk about spoiled! More than anything, I truly just enjoyed the life she brought into our home. She’s one of a kind. Now, we have fun visits to look forward to since she’s so close to San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. I’m looking forward to those adventures that await us. I think this will make all of us truly appreciate and enjoy one another’s company more than ever!

I also started a second new job which is a very long commute and unpredictable work schedule, but is SO EXCITING and a DREAM that it’s worth the sacrifice. Scary, but exciting!!

So after a few days of literally moping around like a baby over all of this change, I’m choosing to EMBRACE it as a change in season-like Spring! (hence, the theme of my blog today.) Change is scary because there is a sense of uncertainty. It kind of knocks you out of your comfort zone. But where there is change, there is growth. And through growth, I believe there can be a transformation within ones self.

To change:  I welcome you!

Thanks for reading! And I promise my next post will be SOONER than later and much more positive! Since my blog post today is pretty much all over the place, I’ve selected some random photo that reflects my subject today which I found on google images. It’s a perfect example of change and transformation. Enjoy.

One of the mysteries of mother nature.



Until Next time,



5 thoughts on “Spring: A Season of Change

  1. Jen says:

    So good i loved it!!! Awww thanks for saying u love the life i brought to your casa 🙂

  2. Vanessa says:

    I love reading you!!! Your so entertaining and keep me wanting more! Love u my dear 👯👍🙋💗

  3. imelda says:

    I love this!.. its so nice to read, I truly enjoyed;)

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