Meet Chris: A Game Crazed Kid


April 19, 2013 by erikacsc31


Meet Chris. He is my finest piece of work 🙂 my wonderful handsome boy. He is very curious, polite, analytical, silly, witty, sensitive, mature, intelligent, friendly, stubborn, imaginative,  funny-okay maybe not funny, but he thinks he is. He likes to tell jokes. They just don’t always have the greatest punch lines, but I still enjoy them! He has this crazy ridiculous imagination. I know what you’re thinking, all kids do. No, really! It’s one of the characteristics most people notice about him. He has this uncanny ability to see things. Like really, really see them. And it sticks to him. And he plays these things out. And they become alive. It’s amazing! And his memory. It’s almost photographic! Seriously! At least someone in this family turned out okay, right?! That is why I always tell him, he’d be a great film director, or techy-scientist guy of some sort. He likes the idea of becoming a video game designer.

Math and science are his favored and best subjects in school. He likes reading adventurous books-anything superhero, spy, zombie. Comics work too. Did I mention he’s unstoppable on the dance floor?! He loves building things too and has the patience to read directions. His room is filled with countless lego or superhero builds. Oh, and he’s messy. Very messy! He didn’t used to be. I guess he’s just turned into a boy. One of my favorite qualities about him is that he’s not a follower! At least not right now. He’s a GREAT kid! (I’m so excited and enthusiastic-can you tell??)

Now that you’ve met him, I hope that you’ll check out his new blog: A Game Crazed Kid. It’s a blog for kids. All about the latest and greatest of video games (at least that’s what he tells me). I’m sure he’ll be squeezing in some of his favorite past times, like movies he loves and other stuff. I’ll be a guide helping him with techy-stuff he may not know now, but I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be long before he far surpasses my blogging abilities. All of his posts will be his  own words.

If you have kids, I encourage you to have them follow Chris on his new adventure. Maybe your kids can relate and share comments and ideas. Hey, they can practice their reading skills while they’re at it! It’s a win-win!


2 thoughts on “Meet Chris: A Game Crazed Kid

  1. Tia Jenny says:

    Awwwe my fav!! Most amazing boy i know!!!

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