Lifestyle Shoot: The Cuevas Boys


July 22, 2015 by erikacsc31

There’s something so magical about childhood. Kids are so innocent, imaginative and free.

Some of the fondest memories I have of my son as a little one are the countless times I watched him play. The characters he brought to life with stuffed animals. The world he created with sticks and objects. You name it, he imagined it. Gosh how I miss those days! Now, they are only in my memory, oh and in a few videos-because I’ve always been that annoying person that says, WAIT! I NEED TO VIDEO TAPE THIS!

Spending time with the Cuevas boys brought me back to those fond memories I have of my boy.

I REALLY loved spending time with Aston, Nicco, & Jacob-along with their beautiful momma bear, Edith.  Edith really wanted memories of her boys “just being boys” at home. She wanted to incorporate a teepee she bought the boys, along with some of their favorite books & toys. She was able to rent some vintage items she found at an antique shop. Let’s just say the boys really loved the radio flyer!

This  lifestyle session was all  about capturing the Cuevas Boys just as they are now: playful & imaginative brothers that share & play together, but also fight & annoy each other because that’s what siblings do! That’s the beauty of it. It’s the foundation that will hold a lifetime of unmatched, unconditional love & closeness. Memories that will survive a lifetime.

Here are a few photos from the session. Thank you Edith & boys for allowing me to be a part of your family for the afternoon.


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One thought on “Lifestyle Shoot: The Cuevas Boys

  1. Talia says:

    Omg!!! Love these photos!! You did amazing!! And I love this family 😍😍😍

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